GlucoBalanceMD - GlucoBalance MD Auto-ship RIPOFF

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I ordered the trial bottle of GlucoBalance MD from a TV Spot.They stated that the auto-ship program could be cancelled within 10 days of receiving the trial.

The problem is, they do not ship for two weeks when they say they ship immediately. As a result, by the time the trial arrives and you figure out where to call, the first Auto ship has already been prepared. This is a total rip off. Plus you need to take the pills three times a day for three weeks before any benefit is observed.

DO NOT BUY this product.They are very hard to deal with and really do not care about the consumer.

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All you have to do is go to their website.Type in the search bar Better Business Bureau.

You can file a complaint online.

Don't expect a resolution from it. If you do it will take months. But I wouldn't expect one at all. Complaints are filed and they do investigate it but they take your complaint to the company you complain against, ask them about it and depending on what that company says, usually its sided with them and not you.

You won't even get an appology. DON"T get me wrong. BBB is good to use for complaints cause you can get results.

BUT it depends on what it is.So still file a complaint with them they need it on record.


i bought the sample bottle ,got it three weeks later,tried it for five days and canceled it two days later I got two bottles I was charged 86.oo and now I can return them but it will cost me 26 dollars for restocking fees,now if this is not a big rip off then I would like to know what is, I intend to file with the the better busness beruea in las vegas if I can find the address

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